Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ashley: New Year New List.

So we began 3 years ago. And I for the most part failed. I've been thinking a lot lately about my life, and the things I'd like to change about it, thing's I'd like to learn, and the things I want to work towards. So I'm starting again, but I'm changing a few things based on what I learned from this last go:

1. 1001 things is a lot of things. Even for a nearly 3-year period. It works better for me to add things as I go. So I don't end up with crazy-stupid things (like making 365 dresses), and actually fill my list with things that are meaningful, useful, and purposeful. If I can only accomplish 100 really important to me things in 1001 and one days, I'll probably be happier about that than accomplishing 1001 arbitrary things.

2. I get overwhelmed easily, really easily. So I'm biting off my list in chunks of five things at a time. At least as far as the bigger things. On my personal blog, I've made a list of five big goals for 2013, and doing five additional goals each month. The monthly goals are smaller, less vague or broad. All of these will be added to my list.

3. I've decided that each time I complete something I'm going to put some money aside. One of my goals is to start each paycheck with a savings deposit, and I'd like to add a little to that for accomplishing goals. Smaller amounts for smaller goals, larger amounts for larger goals.

As of now there are only 13 things on my list, and I'm planning to add more as I go along in the journey. I hope you all join in/follow along!


  1. Love it!! and love the new layout :)


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