Monday, February 1, 2010

Charissa: Happy February

Well, yesterday was January 31st and I thusly squeezed in my one church day for the month! I really want to go more, but this quarter is killing me. I have class 6 hours a day Monday-Friday, and Rehearsal 3-5 hours a day/night Sunday-Friday. My only day off is Saturday and I use it to attempt sleep and homework.

I'm proud of myself for sticking to my fitness goals, eating goals [I've slipped up a few times with dessert but everyone's gotta live sometime, am I right?], being happier, and getting into a mianstage musical.

I have not been good with purposefully praying every morning. I talk to God here and there all day long but I think I need to very purposefully devote at least ten minutes of everyday to him, whether that be through memorizing verses, journaling a prayer to him, verbally praying, or reading my Bible. God is the biggest part of me, Christ is my biggest blessing, and the Trinity is my driving force so I must indulge in this relationship. On that note I don't like the church I've been forcing myself to attend, so hopefully I'll be able to find something better within a mile so I can walk.

On the agenda for February: BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! Also, Sweet Charity opens in less than four weeks! OMG!!!!!! Plus mid-terms this week, many papers, many projects, etc.

Here's to a busy life full of joy, passion, and a nice cherry of stress on top.


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  1. so... yes, i stalk you sometimes

    1) have you been to shoreline? its a church that meets in the movie theater on broxton. obvi walking distance. they have a website, but it meets circa 1030 i think.
    2) i do not always have a ride...but when i do... my ' LA home church' is Mosaic, and if i'm going and youd like to come with me you're always welcome