Friday, January 22, 2010

Jessica: Deaf Coffee Night

50. Start a monthly "Deaf Coffee Night" at a coffee shop

tonight was the first (of hopefully many!) Deaf coffee night at Jazz-n-Java! it was so fun!

at first i was really nervous and worried that people wouldn't show up because of the rain...but overall, we had about 10 people show up! some of my old friends, my old ASL professor and her friends, an old classmate, and a couple (that came all the way from an entirely DIFFERENT college! word spreads fast!) all came :)

we stole chairs and sat in a group and had 95% of our conversations in ASL. it was so fun! the level was from beginner to advanced, but everyone was so good at slowing down for others and explaining signs if they were forgotten.

we even had a fun moment because one man, David, forgot the sign for "thank you" and asked "oh, is it this?" and did the sign for...basically, "eff off", and i laughed and said "nooo!" so i explained what just happened to my old ASL professor and my new interpreting friends, and they laughed. then they decided to share their funny stories of messing up certain signs and getting confused.

overall, fun night! everything that i wanted was accomplished: meeting new people, practicing ASL, and having fun!

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