Friday, April 9, 2010

Sarah: Silent Weekend, A post that took forever to get out

One goal that I promised myself that I would do this year, was the goal of finally going to Silent Weekend. I had the money, I paid early, and I was so pumped for this goal!!!

Well, before we got there, we had no idea there was snow on the ground, so many of us had packed for slightly chilly nights, but there was at least 3 feet of snow on the ground!! So we were a bit cold. But we made up for it in fun!!! Here are some pictures of my adventure!!!

So this was my bed. My bunk mate and I were stuffed into a closet and the bed creaked and shrieked all night long, unless we stayed perfectly still. Plus the fact that I was squishing her....:

First, I was on the pink team. As many of you may not know, I HATE PINK. SO I wasn't too thrilled with this:

But we were the Pink Panthers, so it was O.K.:

For our teams, we had to compete, so I was in a three legged race:

And we had to shave a balloon:

Which we won:

We competed in other games too:

We also had to put on a skit, which was awesome:
(Right here I am saying, "The Money is Gone!!!")

And as I mentioned before, there was a lot of Snow!!!:

And Icicles, which I immediately turned into sword, because I am a Pirate:

I started killing people:

Then at the end of the week, we took a group picture. I got stuck behind some people, because I didn't know where to stand. Oddly enough, that happens to me a lot.:

So I loved this goal, and I loved completing it!! On to more exciting things!!!

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