Friday, March 26, 2010

Ashley: SNOW!

Hey guys! I know I've been kind of quiet here, but life has been a bit crazed and I kind of fell off the bandwagon for a bit. but I am back with a rather silly accomplishment!
I've lived in So. California my whole life. If we're lucky (and this has happened a total of three times in my life) we might get an hours worth of snow. It snows a handful amount and then melts. So I've always wanted to make a snow angel and snowman. Both are on my list, both are things I've never really done.
Well this year my family and I went up to Big Bear after we'd had a pretty big rainstorm at my house. If it Rains in Riverside, it snows in Big Bear. So up we went for a wonderful day in the snow! It was a blast. We didn't end up making a snow man, but we did make snow angels! Unfortuantely this is the one activity I didn't bother photographing, so no pictures, but I did slide down the snow using my skirt as a sled!

We did end up going back up there last weekend, but I forgot to take pictures of our snow play then too. I never did get around to the snowman. However we are going back up there for Easter and there should still be snow on the ground so I will make sure to get my snowman done and photograph it!

So silly as it may seem, I am really excited for this accomplishment!


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