Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charissa: detox-ish

I am currently on a mental, health, and spiritual detox of sorts. Giving up a few things. Not a big deal. But it's pretty hard. And I have felt like death warmed over for two days...I believe I had/have food poisoning. Yikes.

I was looking over my 101 list and I actually have a few more things in progress than I realized.

I'd like to cross some off over Spring Break. Maybe I'll take my parents out to a nice dinner or go for a picnic. And I'll try learning how to do a cartwheel? Yea...maybe that.

I'm totally failing in the exercise category but it's 'cause I have bad injury to my hamstring and have to do physical therapy so I'm allowed. But I think that's part of what is making me feel so yucky.

This post was weird. Sorry.


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