Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Charissa: 4 days down.

So I'm currently working on a few of the goals, and it's not so easy.

The whole not drinking soda thing is a wee bit hard. I reeeeally wanted a diet mountain dew today. Easy fix?
Fill a glass 3/4 the way with Carbonated water, and the other 1/4 with either juice or a zero calorie sobe beverage. It's tres delicious, and totally gives me that carbonated kick w/o the icky Sucralose and acid.

Another difficulty: Eating healthy/losing the holiday weight/cardio 3x a week

I knew the cardio thing wouldn't happen 1st week of school b/c i have to buy textbooks and sign peititions for more units and all that jazz, but i did work out once already and have mapped out into my class schedule 1/2 hour twice during the actual week to work out, and then i'll go running one morning every weekend. But i can't let that hurt my grades. The whole eating healthy thing has been fairly easy. I feel like I'm eating more b/c my body is asking for more, but I feel better already. Also, I'm pooping a lot. Now you know. And drinking like, 4 bottles of water a day. So that means I am also peeing a lot.

I've been good about praying/reading my bible/listening to worship music as well and i feel better in that area as well. He more present in my moment to moment thoughts.

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Lastly, I have now had my singing AND dancing auditions for Cabaret, and tomorrow at some point I will know whether or not I get a callback. The singing audition went well. I maybe could have done better but it was good. The dance audition was good to. I owned what he asked us to project character wise and I'm proud of myself. There is that tiny feeling of emptiness though, but I know that's just b/c I'm still not used to auditioning. I used to love auditioning, but I also used to do it alllllllll the time.

So...yep! That's my journey thus far! Love all you girls and can't wait to hear from Bri!


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