Monday, January 11, 2010

Ashley: Check Mark?

So yesterday I spent the WHOLE DAY working on my car. It needed it. I now have a front passenger seat. Trust me, big accomplishment. One of my goals was to learn how to mantian my own car. I don't mean, keep it clean, fill it with gas, keeps lights in working order, I mean how to change the oil, how to fix the brakes, how to keep it running in ace condiditon. I figure that since I am taking this car to Oregon in June, then I should probably learn how to fix everything without my dad's (of the jerk at E-Z lube who ripped me off) help.

I now know how to pretty much rebuild the damn thing. The only two things I've yet to learn are how to change the brakes and change the oil. I'm pretty sure the oil part is fairly simple, but not sure on the brakes. We do need to change the brakes here fairly soonish, so I should be able to get that down pat. I also want to find a manual for the car so that I can fix any other problems that might come up when I'm 1000 miles away.

So here's the question: does this qualify as completeing a task? I mean yeah I do still need to leanr two things but they shouldn't be brain surgery. What are we saying? to check, or not to check?


  1. my goal is to learn how to change the oil and brakes on my i'd say if i were to complete one half, i'd give it a half a check mark...but that's just me being specific. if you think you know what you wanted to know about your car, then give it a check! otherwise, you can give it a technical "half check" now and finish it once you've learned the rest.

  2. I would give it a check my dear.