Friday, January 8, 2010

Charissa: ONE GOAL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am "Rosie", one of the lovely dancers at the Kit Kat Klub in Cabaret.
This is like, a REALLY big deal for a sophomore to get into the musical.
and for me to make it to the final callbacks for the lead "Sally Bowles"...BIG DEAL.

And wanna know just how talented our sophomore class is? Yep...8 of us made it in. I shall say it once, our teachers have said it a bunch, and thus I shall say it again: my Musical Theatre class of 2012 is of a very special breed. I am one proud lady, not to mention SO excited to share this adventure with some of my sophomore family.

Upside: the choreographer is part of the original cast from the Broadway revival.
Downside: He wants us to get as nitty gritty as the revival was. That not only means original choreography, but it means...wait for it...hold your breath...they are making the Kit Kat girls grow out our arm pit hair. Joanna and I have laughed so hard about this travesty. It's the only thing to keep us from crying! Not to mention it'll be in spring, so we can't go to the beach, or where sundresses...nothing! Ack!

I'm just incredibly blessed to already have this goal done. Thanks to God.



  1. We shall just tell people you are our freaky french cousin and you just aren't accustomed to the shaving habits of our culture yet. People will forgive you.

  2. PS~YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I am so excited for you! We shall definitely have to try to see this one. Mostly because of your armpit hair but partially because we love you....teehee

  3. weeeeee! let us know when the show is and we'll try to make it out to see it!

  4. thanks guys!!!!!! I'm incredibly excited.

    Here are the performance dates, and you can buy tickets @ the campus ticket office, which I'll give you the phone #/web address probs at the beggining of next quarter [=

    May 26 -- -- 8:00 PM
    May 27 -- -- 8:00 PM
    May 28 -- -- 8:00 PM
    May 29 -- -- 2:00 PM
    May 29 -- -- 8:00 PM
    June 1 -- -- 8:00 PM
    June 2 -- -- 8:00 PM
    June 3 -- -- 8:00 PM
    June 4 -- -- 8:00 PM
    June 5 -- -- 2:00 PM
    June 5 -- -- 8:00 PM

  5. Yeah, just talk with an accent and people will think you don't know any better.