Friday, January 8, 2010

Bri: Ch-ch-changes...


I am Bri!

My Day Zero goals are a combination of serious achievements I am working towards and funny little things I’ve just always wanted to do. You can find my list here! A lot of my goals consist of simplifying my life because I feel like I am overwhelmed with crap alot of the time. So I am losing weight, getting in shape, and cleaning out the complications! Hence some of the things I am working on:

Do a detox every six months (0/6)
I am starting this next week. I am very excited! I have detoxed in the past and loved it so I’m really committed to the goal of making this a habit. While I’m not a crazy health nut, I do think that our bodies need a break from all the crap we put in them. So I am doing a raw foods detox for 7-10 days. Detoxing is a really individual thing so that is why I am not set on a specific number of days. I will definitely do at least 7 but will try for 10 days!

These are the guidelines to follow:
* Cut out caffeine, processed foods, complex sugars, smoking, and alcohol
* Do not eat poultry, eggs, or beef
* Do eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits
* Only eat whole grains
* Drink plenty of water and caffeine free teas
* Get lots of fresh air

Here are two good drinks while doing the raw food detox.

The detox is one contributing goal toward another goal of mine: Lose 60 pounds (plus!). I am working on a few other goals that also aid in my weight loss like:
* Start an exercise routine (Bollywood dancing my butt off!)
* Abstaining from soda for the entire 1001 days except in mixed drinks (not so difficult,
* Not eating any fast food for the whole 1001 days (not to hard, but inconvenient sometimes.
I’ve made a lot healthier choices though!)
* Making dinner at home 3 times a week (Saving money and eating way healthier!)

I have been really good at these goals so far! It is definitely going to take determination to keep these up but I can do it!

Other goals in progress:
Blog at least 3 times a month-I am doing this! Yay!
Knit a pair of socks-my grandmother-in-law just taught me how and I have the ankle of one sock done! So much more to go....
Finish my Bachelor's Degree with Dean's Honors-ALMOST DONE!!! June you can not come soon enough!
Compliment Michael everyday-just a little something I forget to do sometimes even if I mean to. I always have genuine compliments for my wonderful husband, I just get sidetracked and forget to say them out loud. Having this as a goal reminds me to share an encouraging compliment a day with my Meekle!

So far I haven't started many goals as alot of them will have to be done after I get my degree in June but I've taken my first steps toward the fantastical changes these goals will bring! Yippeee!!


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